Former ProLíder Trainers


Florian Bartunek

CIO at Constellation

Juliana Inhasz

Coordinator of the Economic Sciences course at Insper.

Leandro Narloch

Journalist and writer, columnist at "Folha de São Paulo"

Levindo Santos

Senior Partner at G5 Partners. Advisor to the Instituto Four.

Luciana Yeung

Professor and researcher at Insper

Ricardo Paes de Barros

Chief economist at Instituto Ayrton Senna.


Carol Campos

Founder of Vozes da Educação.

Carolina da Costa

Vice President of Graduation at Insper.

Claudia Costin

Director of the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Public Policies - FGV.

Denis Mizne

CEO at Fundação Lemann.

Eduardo Deschamps

Full professor at the Regional University of Blumenau. Counselor of the National Councils of Education.

Eduardo Santos

General Manager Brazil at Education First.

Eduardo Valladares

Teacher and Learning Design.

Erica Butow

Co-founder and CEO of Ensina Brasil.

Guilherme Cintra

Executive Manager of Educational Technology at Eleva Educação and partner at Gera Capital.

Igor Lima

CEO at Instituto Sonho Grande.

João Kohn

COO at Learn To Fly.

Maria Helena de Castro

Retired Professor of Political Science at UNICAMP. Executive secretary of MEC.

Vinicius Chimello

BI Coordinator at Pearson Brasil.


Adriana Koike

Partner at GBR Comunicação

Agnes Cristina

Founder at CatMyPet.

Alan Chusid

Founder at Spin Pay and Banco Neon.

Alice Sosnowski

Journalist, entrepreneur, business consultant.

Anderson Silva

CTO at Sallve. Partner at Curso Ênfase.

Andrei Golfeto

Product Manager at Gestão 4.0

Bernard Caffé

Founder at Jovens Gênios

Caio Blumer

Instituto Anga Communication

Caio Poli

Head of Customer Experience at 99.

Camilla Junqueira

Executive Director at Endeavor.

Carol Casagrande

Marketing manager at Kobold. Founder of Agência Cosmo.

César de Lucca

Managing Partner at Fazano, de Lucca & Advogados Associados, Fellow at ProLíder.

Dorly Neto

DJ, music producer and Public Relations.

Emanoel Lima

Associate at SABZ office.

Erik Navarro

Federal judge. He is Academic Director and Founder of Curso Ênfase.

Everson Alcântara

CEO at B33 Media. Co-founder of the Instituto Four

Fabiano Salgado

National Customer Experience Manager at 99 and professor at Conquer School.

Fabio Tran

Director of Educational Investments at Omidyar Network.

Felipe Barreiros

Founder of Vaivoa.

Guilherme Fowler

Teacher at Insper

Gustavo Fuga

Founder and CEO of 4YOU2 Idiomas

Juliana Mitkiewicz

Innovation Designer at Votorantim and teacher at Insper.

Marco Aurélio de Sá

Entrepreneurship and Internationalization Manager at Adtalem Global Education Group, Teacher.

Marco Túlio Freire

Donnu Agency founder. Co-founder of Geomin.

Marcos Buson

Founder and CEO of Hards. Partner and Director of New Business at Darwin Startups.

Mariam Topeshashvili

Co-founder of Avocado.

Matheus Cardoso

Moradigna social entrepreneur. It's Forbes 30Under30.

Millor Machado

Founding partner of GPS de Gestão.

Nicolas Kudrna

Project manager at Metalfrio Solutions.

Pedro de Cicco

Founder and COO of Rapidoo.

Pedro Rio

Founder and CEO of Clarke.

Petrina Santos

Founder and Executive Manager of Ageeo.

Ramon Silva

Co-founder of Avocado.

Ricardo Gottschalk

Founder of Conta Simples.


Guilherme Ramalho

President of Metrô Rio.

Renato Mazzola

Managing Partner of BTG Pactual in the area of ​​Global Infrastructure and Private Equity. Advisor to the Instituto Four.

Wilson Ferreira

President of Eletrobrás.

Innovation & Technology

Bento Koike

Founder of Tecsis.

Cesar Wedemann

Head of Operations at NuConta.

Eduardo Couto e Silva

Senior Advisor to the National Research Center for Energy and Materials.

Jorge Tena

Comm Solutions CEO. Chairman of the Board of the Instituto Four.


André Street

Founder of ArpexCapital.

Augusto Junior

Executive director of Instituto Anga and professor at Fundação Dom Cabral.

Eduardo Matsushita


Felipe Silva

Professor at Miami Ad School and Vice President of Instituto Ninho Social

Joseph Bregeiro

Ali Crédito's CTO and VP

Leonardo Schmidt Boz

Founder and Co-CEO of

Marcelo Nobrega

Founder of Você Está Contratado!

Marcos Lisboa

Insper's CEO.

Marcos Vono

Partner at OPER GROUP. Advisor to the Instituto Four.

Ralf Toenjes

Co-founder and president of the NGO Renovation and VerBem. It's Forbes 30 Under 30.

Ronnie Maschk

Specialist in Project Management, Professor at Insper.

Rosa Vanzella

SVP of Máquina Cohn & Wolfe.

Ryoichi Oka Penna

CEO & Partner of Grupo Anga.

Thaylan Toth

Founder of Mindsight: People Performance.

Thomas Eckschmidt

CEO of

Tiago Mitraud

Federal Deputy for the NOVO Party.

Tiago Reis

CEO and founder of Suno Research.

Vinicius Muller

Professor of Economic History at Insper and FECAP.

Wellington Vitorino

Executive Director and Co-founder of Instituto Four. Co-Founder and Creator of the ProLíder Program.

International Business

José Luiz Niemeyer

Graduate Coordinator in International Relations and professor at Ibmec / RJ.

Karla Borges

Borges Furlaneto Society of Lawyers and professor of International Relations at ESPM.

Rubens Hannun

President of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.


Carlos Melo

Insper professor and UOL columnist.

Eduardo Wolf

Professor and researcher at the Policy, Behavior and Media Laboratory of the São Paulo Foundation (PUC-SP) and researcher in the Ancient Philosophy program at FFLCH-USP.

Fernando Schuler

Insper professor and researcher.

Guilherme Lichand

Research director at the Center for Child Well-Being and Development, University of Zurich.

José Frederico Lyra Netto

Executive Director and co-founder of Vetor Brasil.

Luiz Felipe d'Ávila

Founder and president of CLP - Center for Public Leadership.

Marcelo Cabral

Executive Manager for the Arapyau Institute's Cities program. Advisor to the Instituto Four.

Patrícia Audi

Executive Vice President of Communication, Marketing, Institutional Relations and Sustainability at Santander Brasil.

Roberto Sekiya

Founder and CEO of B2B Business Conection.

Vanessa Rahal Canado

Professor at FGV and Researcher at Insper.


César Filho

Co-founder of We Cancer.

Emílio Puschmann

Founder of Amparo Saúde.

Kátia Pirotta

Scientific researcher at the Instituto de Saúde / SESSP.

Marília Louvison

Professor at the Faculty of Public Health at USP and president of the Paulista Association of Public Health.

Pedro Batista Júnior

Doctor and Executive Director of the Prevent Senior Network.

Thomaz Srougi

Founder and CEO of Dr. Consulta.


Ivan Marques

Executive Director of Instituto Sou da Paz.

Paulo Storani

Senior consultant and speaker. Former Deputy Commander of BOPE

Thomas Conti

Professor in Law & Economics.

Brazilian Society

Frei David

Founder and organizer of Educafro. He is also a Franciscan friar of the Order of Friars Minor in the Province of the Immaculate Conception of Brazil, in São Paulo.

Giovani Rocha

Education Policy Consultant at World Bank Group

Leizer Pereira

Founder and Executive Director of Empodera Community.

Regina Madalozzo

Associate professor at Insper. Coordinator of the Gender Studies Center (INSPER)

Renata Sbardelinni

Founder of Suindara Radar and Rede.


Caio Magri

CEO of the Instituto Ethos.

Leonardo Lima

Director of Fundação Arcos Dourados, Representative of Latin America on the McDonald´s Sustainability Board. Chairman of the Sustainability Board of AMCHAM / SP.

Priscila Borin Claro

Teacher at Insper.

Roger Koeppl

Founder and President of YouGreen Cooperative.

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