Policy Trainer

José Frederico Lyra Netto

Executive Director and co-founder of Vetor Brasil.

José Frederico Lyra Netto is the chief of staff of the Federal Senate.

He was the national coordinator of Movimento Acredito, a project that aims to renew Brazilian politics. He also had entrepreneurial experiences, participating in the Federation of Junior Companies of São Paulo (FEJESP), as development director and also being CEO of Brasil Júnior.

He was the co-founder of Vetor Brasil and team leader at Falconi, in an initiative that focused on designing solutions in the area of ​​public and private education.

Besides, he was superintendent of educational reform in the State of Goiás and Secretary of Social and Economic Development of Araguaçu.

He holds a degree in Mechatronic Engineering from the State University of Campinas, a master's degree in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and a Fellow from the Lemann Foundation.

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